The Cult of Horror

The Cult of Horror

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Top 10 Horror

Too many to mention, I'll just pick 10 that have been a part of my soul for a while.

1. Horror of Dracula (58)
 This Hammer Horror film is gorgeous and intimidating. Featuring the fearsome Christopher Lee as the Count and Peter Cushing as Van Helsing.

2. Carnival of Souls (62)
 Haunting low-budget early 60's ghost story horror, shot Bergman-esque, full of thick mood and atmosphere.

3. Rabid  (77)
David Cronenberg's second feature, Marilyn Chambers is a carrier of an accidental experiment. She infects her victims with an under arm piercing tentacle. The military moves as a threat and attempts to contain the murdering and madness in this masterful 70's body horror mind-fuckery.

4. George Romero's Martin (77)
George Romero's Vampire/Anti-Vampire Story in old town Pennsylvania, possibly Romero's best work.

5. Spider Baby aka The Maddest Story Ever Told (68)
 Bizarre Cannibal family also part black-comedy starring an old Lon Cheney and a young Sid Haig.

6. Dead and Buried (81)
 Early 80's big budget gore masterpiece created by the crew who did Alien, atmospheric sleeper that gained cult status.

7. Tourist Trap (79)
 Early David Schmoeller (Puppet Master), sick drive-In Horror finally on DVD. Killer psychic-villain, unlike anything in horror cinema before.

8. Alice Sweet Alice aka The Communion (76)
 70's Gothic Horror, shot in New Jersey, a beautiful rare gem in 70's irreligious horror. Director Alfred Sole executes this complex slasher exceptionally well and unconventionally reveals the killer's identity 3/4 of the way in the film. A must see for slasher fans.

9. Psycho (60)
 There is nothing more, one can say about the awesomeness of this film. It is fearsome and perfect, Psycho is like a fine-jeweled king walking amongst peasants when concerning other slashers.

10. American Werewolf in London (81)

 Before CGI bullshit, there was a day when make up artists won Academy Awards. American Werewolf in London has blood for blood, bone for bone-cracking bone the single best Werewolf transformation scene in  cinema. Thank God for Rick Baker.

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