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The Cult of Horror

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Curtains, a virtually unknown Canadian slasher by a virtually unknown cast and crew, well the director was the cinematographer on one of the Ilsa of the SS films.

This almost forgotten film finally has received it's proper treatment to Blu Ray, Curtains was kept in hiding for years on VHS to DVD transfers and talked about in small circles. The bleak winter atmosphere, creepy dolls on rainy back woods roads, a killer in an old woman mask with a sickle and a scary mental breakdown performance by Samantha Egger (The Brood).

An overbearing director charges six beautiful women to stay with him in his dark secluded mansion  for the weekend to bear everything in an audition for a role in his upcoming film. Jealousy ensues and the women back stab and betray each other until they die off one by one. The lavish death scenes are cruel, like a Giallo and the pace is formidable for a slasher, but the unconventional twist at the end demands a re-watch to follow characters motives.

Curtains was shot in 81 and released in 83 but it feels like a mid-70's horror film, in terms of atmosphere and cinematography. 8 out of 10

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