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Twins of Evil 71'

A third Hammer entry in the blood thirsty and lust-flled Carmilla Karnstein story. Starring the always impressive Peter Cushing as a Witch Hunting Puritan who takes in his occult curious nieces (playboy playmates Mary Collinson and Madeleine Collinson)who live under his strict guidelines.
Fandom always appreciates Hammer productions for being moody, Gothic period pieces, some varying in budget from impressive to unconvincing. Twins of Evil,however shot in the 70's was way past Hammer's prime, yet comes out strong, more evil and showing more skin usual in a Hammer production.
Hammer's previous Karnstein entries,Vampire Lovers and Lust for a Vampire, were also showing more blood and skin than , adapting to the change of cinematic times, lesbian vampires could bring in more revenue then another Christopher Lee Dracula sequel.
With the Collinson twins upping the ante for sex appeal, and the atmospheric directing of John Hough (Legend of Hell House) Twins is a pleasing and strong third entry. As of 2012 Synapse release a gorgeous Blu Ray/DVD combo and fandom was finally satisfied. Prior viewing would have to be seen on VHS or a rough VHS to DVD transfer.


Danno said...

Yutte Stensgaard is my favorite lesbian vampire out of the series.

klownz said...

This is one of my favorite hammer films, them twins are HOT!

Ms. Waxworks said...

The twins are hot. I got this one on blu ray!

Anonymous said...

Need to see this!

AndyHunt said...

believe it or not, I first saw this film at the age of 9 in our local church of England run youth club!
Other Tuesday evening delights of this club included Dracula prince of darkness and death race 2000.
Projected 30ft onto a bare white wall, with 20 or so youngsters gawping from about 5ft away

No wonder I'm so f*cked up now.