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Russ Meyer's Super Vixens 75'

Sexploitation King Russ Meyer's first successful feature after his big Hollywood break out Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, mixes a universe that can come out of the trashy, clever mind of Myers himself.

Supervixens is a fast paced, surreal, sexy, part murder mystery/on the run camp/dark comedy that stars an all to gorgeous Shari Eubank as Super Angel, the ferocious and mean spirited vixen that drives her husband Clint Ramsey to the end of his wits. A crooked and evil sheriff Harry Sledge (played by films own producer Charles Napier) attempts an affair with Supervixen but her wicked taunted pushes him to the point of murder. Poor Ramsey is framed on the run from the law on a surreal journey of continuous journey of equal parts Vixen of all shapes and sizes and also equal part bad luck, from beatings, muggings and unwanted advances from voluptous goddessess starring a Myriad cast of Super Eula, Super Lorna, Super Cherry, Super Soul and Super Haji (Faster Pussy Cat Kill, Kill)

Clint Ramsey's luck turns around when he meets a woman quite like Super Angel in appearance (also played by Shari Eubank)but only all she is all too sweet as a gas station/restuarant owner. Ramsey finally finds love until the evil Harry Sledge enters their life again to bring a climax of cartoonish dynamite throwning violence that could only be taken slightly serious in the entertaining Universe of Russ Meyer. 8/10

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