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Dark Night of the Scarecrow 81'

Creepy 80's Revenge Horror has a surprisingly beautiful transfer by VCI Entertainment and has great atmosphere and production value for a TV movie. A mentally challenged man named Bubba (Larry Drake) and his  little best friend Marylee ( Tonya Crowe) are under the suspicious eye of  local bad boy towns people. The Lynch mob leader and head bully  (Charles Durning) has Bubba in his sights and aims to bring him to justice after little Marylee gets mauled viciously by an attack dog. The mailman and his redneck friends chase and track Bubba to his Mother's farm and find him hiding in a cornfield dressed as a creepy ass scarecrow. Bubba's demise is pretty violent for a 70's TV film as he his shot repeatedly.

After the local goons are taken into custody for Bubba's death, it is written off as self defense and the men go free. Shortly afterwards each of the men who were guilty start seeing a Scarecrow in a field periodically and then a gruesome death follows afterwards. Films like this follow a Wash, Rinse, Repeat of a basic storyline but the cool angle of Dark Night is you are on the side of the Stalker side waiting patiently for him to kill each victim. With wide shots of farm scenery and a scarecrow theme killer, this is a perfect film to watch around Halloween. 8 out of 10

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