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Burnt Offerings 76'

Produced, Written and Directed by Dan Curtis

An extremely well directed and plotted "Haunted House Horror" written, financed and directed by Dan Curtis (House of Dark Shadows) starring the impressive thespian Oliver Reed (Paranoiac, The Brood) as a husband "" and his peculiar wife Marian (Karen Black) and his mother " (Bettie Davis) and their annoying son rent (for a modest price) a large Victorian age house for the summer, two peculiar elderly folks (Burgess Meredith) with the condition of taking care of the old (and never seen) Ms. Aladice in the top room of the house.

Watching this 76' film feels like it will take steps towards The Shining but stays as it's own type of film and remains only creepy not scary. Modern Haunted House Horror fans may feel that the films length and may be to exhausting for how little danger presents it self with in the film. Few hair raising scenes from the Pall Bearer and the last 5 minutes are only real scares however, ending climax is delivered so well and after credit's role their is enough to digest and discuss what has happened in the Mansion's bloody history. The heavy execution and hard work from Curtis and crew are convincing however the film's only weak spot may be it's length. Some fans however appreciate a good slow burning thriller.


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Gerald Martin said...

I saw Burnt Offerings many years ago on television and was thoroughly unimpressed. Near the very end I got up to adjust the volume-- no tv remote control in those days-- and while turning the knob I glanced up at the screen and was eyeball to eyeball to the face in your photo. I jumped back as if I had been whacked with a board. I still cringe at the memory.