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Remembering Ingrid Pitt

The Gorgeous Ingrid Pitt only graced the world of horror with 4 notable cult films but her unmatched beauty stands the test of time.

A weird moment in my life, I was on a Hammer Horror kick and rented Vampire Lovers, obviously smitten by her looks, I looked her up the normal horror watching day on November 23rd 2010 and was shocked to discovery that same day she had died.

Young Ingrid Pitt survived being a Nazi Concentration camp and  worked her way into minor movie stardom with Dr Zhivago and Where Eagles dare but horror fans remember her stunning looks, curvaceous figure and sultry voice in her Carmilla Karnstein roles Countess Dracula and Vampire Lovers and the Amicus Anthology The House that Dripped Blood.  Ingrid played a small role as a Summerisle police burning pagan in the beloved Wicker Man. 

Although her mark in horror cinema was brief her centerfold looks are timeless and have been adored for decades from horror fans around the world.

Ingrid Pitt November 21st, 1937-Novermber 23rd, 2010

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